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Readers Choice - dentist in Burnsville, MN

Patient Reviews

Thank you for all of your support and care you have shown to me and my family over these many years. We came to you for dental care, we stayed because of your genuine care and compassion and interest for us. I consider you not only my dental team, but my friends.

- B. Flores
I have been a patient of Dr. Krech's at Centerpointe Dental for the past 23 years. Dr. Krech is a compassionate person and an excellent dentist. The office is pleasant and the whole staff is friendly and caring. I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Krech as my dentist.
- Evie
My family has been extremely blessed by the entire staff at Centerpointe Dental. The care and concern for our dental health is performed with a high degree of both professionalism and expertise. I have found the entire staff to be warm and friendly. When we faced an after hours dental emergency, Centerpointe Dental was there for us meeting our needs to the nth degree. The next day, we received a phone call to make sure that everything was healing as it should. I am so thankful for the small town in the big city approach that Centerpointe Dental offers.
- Allyson J.
SO amazing! They gave me my smile back! Knowledgeable, collaborative, include you in your treatment, don't talk down or over you rather really weigh options WITH you. I have had to have so much dental work due to a motor vehicle accident and EVERYONE in this office I've worked with has been incredible. Ten stars, two thumbs up, I'd highly recommend Centerpointe to all friends and family.
- Sophia B.